Transformation 360°

Transformation 360° offers more than just English language support.  During the program, we don’t focus on correcting your grammar or pronunciation. Instead, we aim to empower you to be your most confident and authentic self using the English you already know. This will enable you to make genuine connections and live the life you desire in English - professionally, socially, or personally - just as you would in your first language.

Hey rock star,

in professional or social settings,

do you ever find yourself…

📌 Second-guessing what you say or write in English?

📌 Feeling like your English is never good enough?

📌 Feeling self-conscious when talking to native English speakers?

📌 Having trouble expressing yourself fully in English?

📌 Struggling to respond to others and connect with them in conversations?

📌 Limiting yourself to your comfort zone and playing small because of your English?

… All despite the fact that you’re a fluent English speaker?

I get it because this used to be me.

Hi, I’m Anita!

Having lived in Australia for 15 years and worked in all-English environments for 8 years, I have gained valuable experiences and skills. As a former high school English teacher, media advisor for a politician, digital activist, and business owner, I understand the challenges of being a non-native English speaker in the English-speaking world. I know what it takes to thrive without perfect English, and I want to help others do the same.

I once felt insecure and isolated as the only non-native English speaker on my high school teaching team. However, I overcame those challenges and was finally able to live my dreams in English. I want to help others achieve the same level of confidence, success, and happiness.

If you're also a self-driven non-native English speaker, I look forward to meeting you and sharing my secrets with you! :)

Transformation 360° is going to change EVERYTHING about your experience in an English-speaking world.

Here’s what our students say:

What You Want Is Possible For You Too!

Picture this with me - 6 months from now, you’re…

💠 Confidently speaking up and sharing ideas in meetings, presentations and discussions

💠 have increased your job prospects by demonstrating your English language proficiency to potential employers

💠 Making friends and feeling like you truly belong in an English-speaking environment

💠 No more feeling self-conscious or insecure when surrounded by native English speakers. Instead, you feel confident in your language abilities.

💠 finding words to express yourself with ease - you’re surprised at how much you’re capable of!

💠 have improved your social life by confidently engaging in conversations with native English speakers, making new friends, and building relationships

💠 have enhanced your cultural understanding by becoming more familiar with English-speaking customs, values, and social norms

💠 Developing a sense of pride and accomplishment as you progress in your English language skills and becoming a role model for others in your community

PLUS so much more

How amazing would that be?

How it works

Transformation 360 is NOT just about improving your English language proficiency, but rather providing you with a comprehensive 1:1 + group coaching experience that empowers you to be your most confident and authentic self using the English you already know.

We provide an easy and digestible way for you to learn in a supportive community. It draws upon the expertise of Anita, who has accumulated 15 years of valuable experience, learning from her trials and errors, mistakes, and lessons.

In less than 6 months, you’ll have the mindset and skill set to live the life you desire in English while making genuine connections along the way - professionally, socially, or personally - just as you would in your first language. With confidence, freedom, and authenticity.

Instead of throwing a huge encyclopedia of useless knowledge at you, you will learn only the MOST important, actionable tools to start making changes immediately.

Transformation 360° centres around three core pillars to maximise your success in both professional and social settings!

Success Pillar #1

Mindset & Confidence  

The success of your experience in an English-speaking environment starts with how you feel about yourself, your English, and other people.

Feeling anxious or self-conscious speaking with native English speakers… especially in group settings? Feeling like your English is never good enough? Concerned about your mistakes.. a bit too much?  You’ll be able to handle them all :)

You’ll be able to immediately apply Anita’s 3-Step CCC method to finally have the confidence you deserve in English!

Success Pillar #2

Communication & Connection  

We give you ALL the scripts, blueprints, and step-by-steps to articulate yourself with ease,  build meaningful connections with others, especially with native speakers, and feel a sense of belonging in professional and social settings!

From identifying conversation topics suited to the culture to practicing speaking structures and falling in love with storytelling, we provide you with practical tools to initiate conversations, express your opinions with confidence and clarity, and respond to others with ease - even in the face of language and cultural differences.

EVERYTHING they didn’t teach you in school or English textbooks about how to build meaningful relationships and create your tribe in English!

Success Pillar #3

Advanced Language Skills

At Transformation 360, we understand that building your English language skills is a key part of feeling confident and connected in an English-speaking environment.

That's why we help you continuously boost your speaking vocabulary, practice listening comprehension to understand different accents, utilise our secret pronunciation hacks and MORE, so that you can articulate yourself clearly with the English you already know - while ALWAYS improving.

Transformation 360° is going to change EVERYTHING about your experience in an English-speaking world.

Here’s what our students say:

And That’s Just The Core Content!

You’ll ALSO Get Access To…

Take a sneak peak below!

Access to “Transformation 360°” Program

Set yourself up for lifelong success in an English-speaking environment with our comprehensive program. Our cutting-edge approach combines engaging videos, interactive workbooks, powerful tools, and practical checklists, designed to provide you with everything you need to succeed.

Weekly Q&A / Coaching with Anita

Get personalised guidance from our expert mentor, Anita, in weekly Q&A sessions! With her years of experience and deep knowledge of English-speaking environments, Anita is here to answer your questions and help you navigate your integration journey with confidence. You’re in good hands ;)

Access to Private Student Community

Best community ever! Inside our vibrant and supportive community, you'll find accountability, peer support, and lifelong friendships. Share your experiences, celebrate your successes, and get inspired by others who are also taking their lives to the next level. Our community is here to provide you with a safe and supportive space to grow and thrive in an English-speaking environment.

Monthly Expert Workshops

Based on student feedback and progress, we dive deep into a range of topics that are relevant to your journey.  Plus, we also bring in guest speakers, giving you the opportunity to learn from the best in the industry!


The Program Is Perfect For You If…

🟢 You're a non-native English speaker who wants to successfully participate in English-speaking communities with confidence and authenticity.

🟢 You want to show your true personality in English and connect from a place of authenticity, just as you would in your first language.

🟢 You want to confidently connect with native English speakers in both professional and social settings without feeling self-conscious in any way.

🟢 You're ready to unlock your potential and take your life and career to the next level in an English-speaking environment.

🟢 You have a good grasp of English (eg. can understand at least 80% of the information on this website), but are looking to take your skills to the next level and continue improving in order to confidently navigate any situation in an English-speaking environment.

🟢 You're excited to connect with a community of like-minded non-native English speakers who are also on a journey of personal and professional growth.

🟢 You're ready to invest time and effort in your personal development and are committed to making the most of this opportunity.


The Program Is NOT For You If…

❌ You're looking for a program that focuses primarily on English language proficiency, rather than holistic integration into an English-speaking environment.

❌ You're not committed to investing time and effort into your personal development and improving your English skills.

❌ You're not interested in stepping out of your comfort zone and exploring new opportunities in an English-speaking environment.

❌ You're looking for a quick fix rather than a comprehensive program that provides ongoing support and resources.

Transformation 360° is going to change EVERYTHING about your experience in an English-speaking world.

Here’s what our students say:

They did it. So can you.

No more staying in your comfort zone because of your English.

No more giving up on your dream life in an English-speaking environment.

We’re rooting for you to be the next success story.

Inspiring Student Spotlight

- Carlos

Carlos has been working in Finance & Banking for more than 2 decades. He’s excellent at what he does, and he’s even been the chairman of several important work meetings in Australia.

Having said that,
he felt like it was a real struggle to keep up with conversations, engage people & have his ideas heard in group settings when surrounded by native English speakers.

In today's interview, Carlos openly shares his story as a non-native English-speaking professional in an English-speaking environment, and how he was able to overcome the challenges and thrive, being one of the very few non-native speakers at work.

He even managed to level up in his career again over the past 3 months by killing it in a job interview!

He did it. So can you. We believe in you.

Inspiring Student Spotlight

- Chai Chee

When Chai Chee first came to me, she felt like she was never able to express herself as well as she'd like, and it hindered her progress in the scientific research field and her relationships with others at work and in her social life.

She’s here to share with us how she managed to transform how she feels, thinks, and uses English!
She's become confident in work presentations & social conversations, and started making amazing connections!

She did it. So can you. We believe in you.

Inspiring Student Spotlight

- Nobu

I felt like I was inferior to native English speakers because English is not my first language, which is why I also had a hard time saying no to them.”

I instantly felt a connection to everything one of my students, Nobu, said during this interview I did with him. He felt that his English was not good enough despite the fact that he had been living in Australia for 2 decades AND that he is a university lecturer.
When he spoke to native English speakers, he would put them on a pedestal and got self-conscious even before the conversation started. And words got all tangled up. He’s fluent and capable, but in the past he would determine what he could or could not do, based on whether he felt he had a sufficient level of English for an opportunity. As a result, he had found himself staying in his comfort zone for a long time until he had finally had enough. I understood what he was talking about deeply because that used to be me.

In this interview, Nobu and I talk about all the things that have helped him (and my old self) overcome the obstacles.
It’s an interview NOT to be missed. He’s now confident, likes and embraces his identity as a non-native speaker, can express himself authentically, killing it at networking events, speaking up & initiating discussions … PLUS MORE.

He did it. So can you. We believe in you.

Inspiring Student Spotlight

- Vivien

Vivien used to struggle to connect with native English speakers despite being fluent. She wanted to make the most of her uni life, make friends with local students, attend social events, and speak at conferences as a PhD student in Queensland, Australia. It was her dream to eventually even find a job and build a life here!

She forced herself to speak up more, but it wasn’t making much difference because “practise doesn’t make perfect if you aren’t doing the right things.”

Fast forward to today and she now has overcome the block! Not only has she built a tribe around her, she’s also managed to attract amazing opportunities!

She did it. So can you. We believe in you.

They did it. So can you.

Ready to confidently express yourself and connect with native speakers?

Let’s chat and see how we can help you thrive.

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