Hi, I’m Anita!

I'm the founder of Thrive Without Perfect English. I like to read, write, learn new things, and go on long drives. And I've always had an insatiable passion for English and found the English language so beautiful.

I'm originally from Taiwan, and have been living in Australia for about 15 years now.

Where the journey began…

In 2015, after my Master's degree in Secondary Teaching, I then became a high school English teacher in Melbourne, which was a dream come true for me! For 6 years I taught in Australia, and briefly in Italy, too!

At the height of my career, working at one of the best schools as the only Asian, non-native English teacher on a big teaching team, I felt so insecure about my identity as a non-native English speaker and couldn't shake the feeling of inadequacy for a long time (despite being more than qualified to teach English lol).

Happily, I overcame it and was then able to connect with my native English-speaking colleagues both in professional and social settings with confidence : )

As my confidence and support network grew, my teaching career started to take off to the point where I was invited to speak at conferences, host events, speak on camera.... etc. Fun times!

Life as a school teacher was hectic, fast-paced, fulfilling all rolled into one. However, as much as I loved teaching, there was always this niggling pull to start my own thing.

In 2020, I started to share my experiences of working in an all-English environment and English learning tips on the internet, and much to my surprise - lots of people resonated with what I had gone through. And people started to come to me for advice.

Helping other non-native English speakers live their best lives in English made me feel so happy and alive that I realised - THIS IS IT. This is EXACTLY what I want the next chapter of my life to look like. In 2021, I decided to take a break from school teaching, founded Thrive Without Perfect English, and haven't looked back since.

It's always been an important mission of mine to help bridge native and non-native English speakers to foster deeper understanding and connection. My coaching business has been a beautiful manifestation of this personal mission.

In 2022, as fate would have it, I was also approached for an opportunity in politics to work as a media advisor for a politician in Sydney to foster communication amongst our diverse communities. Learnt so much!

In 2023, I can't wait to continue supporting more non-native English speakers to thrive without perfect English!

So please do reach out and message me whenever you feel like I could be of support! I look forward to a great journey ahead with you all!

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